Boston Intellectual Property Law Attorney Serving Patent Litigation Law Firms

At the law office of Robert Plotkin, P.C., our Boston intellectual property lawyer works closely with patent litigation law firms nationwide. Our firm specializes in assisting litigation firms in litigating patent infringement cases, particularly those involving software patents. We do not litigate directly or represent clients in other fields of law. As a result, when we work with you, we will bring all of our focused expertise to bear on your case without competing with you or stealing the limelight. This includes retaining qualified subject-matter experts to provide expert reports and testimony. Our goal is to make you shine for your client by helping you succeed. According to Steven K. Gold, M.D., serial entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship practice at Babson College, “When it comes to intellectual property strategy and patent prosecution for computer-related technologies, Robert is the best of the best. He is incredibly smart and experienced, highly responsive to his clients, and competitively priced.” For more, see our client successes.


Providing Specialized Knowledge to Law Firms and Attorneys

If your client has been sued for infringing a patent, we will:

  • Identify weaknesses in the patent’s validity by reviewing the file history and prior art
  • Determine any strengths and weaknesses of potential non-infringement positions
  • Help develop design-arounds in your clients’ products to avoid future infringement
  • Uncover patents that can form the basis for counterclaims

If someone is infringing a patent of your client, we will:

  • Advise on the strongest infringement positions to pursue
  • Identify weaknesses in the patent that could be attacked and suggest defensive strategies
  • Anticipate how the defendant might design around the patent, and suggest offensive strategies in response
  • Analyze the defendant’s patent portfolio to identify threats
  • Search for patents owned by third parties that could be acquired for offensive or defensive purposes


An Attorney Who Understands the Intricacies of Patent Law

The law office of Robert Plotkin, P.C., is uniquely qualified to represent you in lawsuits involving software patents. The firm has been recognized as a “Go-To Law Firm for Leading Technology Companies” by American Lawyer Media. Attorney Robert Plotkin:

  • Holds a degree in computer science and engineering from MIT
  • Has almost two decades of experience as a practicing patent lawyer representing clients in computer-related patent cases
  • Has obtained hundreds of computer-related patents for clients including, HP, 3Com, Compuware, and M*Modal.
  • Provides leading law firms with winning arguments in litigation for their clients
  • Uses his unique combination of expertise in computer technology and patent law to identify infringement and non-infringement positions that often go unnoticed
  • Expands individual patents into portfolios of patents, both pre-litigation and during litigation, through the strategic use of continuing patent applications, to extend the patent owner’s scope of protection and protect against invalidation during litigation
  • Is the author of the book, The Genie in the Machine, published by Stanford University Press, on the future of inventing and computer-related patents
  • Is a faculty member of the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, a faculty member of the Practising Law Institute (PLI), and was a lecturer for six years at the Boston University School of Law, where he designed and taught an advanced course in “Software and the Law.”


Contact a Massachusetts Patent Lawyer

We work closely as legal advisers to patent litigation firms to help them achieve the best possible resolutions to their clients’ problems. Contact our Boston intellectual property law attorney online or call 978-318-9914, toll-free at 877-451-5689, to schedule an appointment. We provide flexible in-person and telephone appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. Each new client receives a complimentary 30-minute consultation.