National Patent Protection Attorney

Obtaining patents on your products does not automatically shield you from being sued for patent infringement by your competitors for selling those products.

Being sued for patent infringement by a competitor can cause your company to incur significant costs — often running into the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, even if you succeed in court. Losing a patent infringement lawsuit can result in losses in the millions or tens of millions of dollars. As a result, being sued for patent infringement can be a “bet the company” event. That is why it is critical to proactively monitor, evaluate, and take defensive action against your competitors’ patents in addition to growing your own patent portfolio. Proactively monitoring your competitors’ patents and taking defensive action before being sued can avert the massive costs of a patent infringement lawsuit for only a tiny fraction of such costs.


Protecting You From Being Sued for Patent Infringement

At the law firm of Robert Plotkin, P.C., our national patent protection lawyer can proactively help you avoid being sued for patent infringement by a competitor. We provide:

  • Clearance services, which involve identifying patents that competitors might be able to use against you and taking proactive defensive action, such as by designing around or licensing the identified patents, thereby minimizing your risk of being sued for patent infringement.
  • Watch services, in which we act as intellectual property watchdogs for you by providing competitive intelligence and market research to help you stay on top of the latest developments in your competitors’ patent portfolios.


Protecting You If You Have Been Sued for Patent Infringement

If you have been sued by a competitor for patent infringement, our firm can help by providing:

  • Non-infringement services, in which we develop legal arguments, suitable for use in court, proving that the competitors’ patent does not cover your products.
  • Invalidity services, in which we develop legal arguments, suitable for use in court, proving that a competitor’s patent never should have been granted in the first place and therefore should be declared legally invalid so that is can no longer be used against you.

Our firm is here to help you defend against these potential scenarios if they occur, but also to help you be proactive in creating a solid, comprehensive patent portfolio that will protect all of your inventions, and help you gain a competitive advantage.


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